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About Sing Travel

Sing Travel is your professional travel team in Beijing. We've created something unique - a registered travel agency that specialises in adventure, the outdoors and getting our clients out to the lesser-known but truly wonderful attractions of China and beyond.

We're excited about China opening itself up to the world. There is still so much in this ancient and beautiful country that you won't find on the Internet or in your guide book. Our team can take you off the beaten path and back home again.

We'd like every trip you take with us to be a dream experience, something you will tell your friends and family, maybe one day your grandchildren. And we then promise that your next adventure with us will be better than the last.

Please come in to talk to us either on the phone or walking into our office. Our team here is multinational, multilingual and highly professional, but they all share the same passion about travel, both for exploring China and discovering the world. We will listen and share ideas, knowing that some travellers are independent spirits while others need us to be imaginative, flexible and reliable so their trip goes smoothly.

Sing Travel can also book domestic and international flights, hotels, rental cars, standard excursions and even bicycles. We can usually beat even the online prices, so don't forget us for your general and group travel needs between adventures.

If you decide to let us assist in your plans, trust us to reliably solve all the details co-ordinating transport, accommodation of all styles, transfers, documents, protocols and understanding local customs. As our customer, the only travel surprises should be inspiring cultural exchanges, breathtaking scenery and spectacular sun rises.

Whether you are visiting China for the first time or living here and needing an escape, the time to go is now. Please take the first step by visiting us.

Our Services

  • Flight bookings
  • Hotel and other accomodation bookings
  • Tour bookings
  • Private tour arrangements
  • Hiking and outdoor activities
  • Theatre and cultural performance promotion and bookings
  • Car hire
  • Bicycle hire (within Beijing) and bicycle tours