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Thank you to our sponsors

Improbable Guides is the main organiser of the Hutong Races. We are a department of Sing Travel International. On behalf of the team at Improbable Guides and Sing Travel, we'd like to thank our great sponsors for their support.

Without our sponsors the Hutong Races would not be possible. They have a belief in this great city and it's potential. They provide venues, prizes and good business advice. They do this because the are the best in the city and their success is our success.

Overall, we can say they are great companies who always do the right thing by their customers. If you are in the vicinity of any of our sponsors, do use them. These companies will provide the best food, the best value and great service.

If you visit any of these companies, there's one thing you can do. Let them know you appreciate their support for the Hutong Races. The owners and managers do enjoy hearing from you. It‘s always nice to get some good news, when you’re in business.

Sponsorship opportunities to attract tourists

Being a sponsor for the Hutong Races is a great way to attract visitors from around China and the world. If you are interested in being a sponsor for the Hutong Races please contact us.

It’s quite straightfoward to get involved, and keep your business busy. Participants win a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal with a date. From our Challenge Pack, participants can see what special deals are being offered by Beijing businesses. For example, a restaurant may offer a free wine or beer. A spa may offer a foot massage. Of course, many businesses perfer to offer a straight up discount covering all their services The medal is the voucher, and we tell participants that they must use their rewards within seven days - covering most visitor stays in Beijing. Talk to us about your services and we're sure we can propose a win-win suggestion that benefits both your customer and your business.

Sponsorship opportunities for Hutong Race events

The Hutong Races are the easiest event to sponsor. If you are interested in being a sponsor for the Hutong Races please contact us.

At the basic level it means offering a prize for a team of four people. For example, a restaurant may offer their signature dish for four people. We can design vouchers and the promotional work, and make sure your prize is awarded fairly. You are most welcome to come to our event and offer the prize yourself. Even if you are not there, we will make sure that your business gets a lot of attention, both in the media and during the game itself.

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