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  Unfortunately, all events are on hold for 2020


Hutong Races - The Main Event!

Aren’t we proud of Beijing and discovering more and more of this astonishing city? If so, you'll be excited to challenge your self in the Hutong Race. Your adventuring ability could make your team the race winners, awarded with one of many great explorer prizes.

It's easy to have fun in the Hutong Races. You can be super competitive or take a leisurely pace and focused on having fun in the hutongs. Explorers cover many hutongs, discovering their history and attempting many challenges. There are many Hutong Races during the event, so come early to explore more or have more break. The minimum time to explore is 2 hours.

In every way, you’ll still be out discovering new, mysterious parts of Beijing, Plus there's a range of activities that you'll want to write home about. Each event is very different from the next one.

The prizes are given to the teams who discover more of the secrets of Beijing in the fastest time. Complete the activities, use clues in the street or historical sites to check-off answers, and reach the finish line.

Build your own team and bring with your friends. If you're new to Beijing, contact us to join a new team. It's the best way to make new friends. Most importantly, make sure you have fun.

How to join in?

We have a page to join us so you can find out more about our next events and learn how to play.

We will help you join one of our WeChat groups to ask questions about the event prior to and during the competition. You can also use our group to find team mates.

Who should play?

Whether you’re new to Beijing, already group of friends, a couple looking for something special, OR a family enjoying time together: the Hutong Races are right for you. Teams are of 2, 3 or 4 people, but we can fit individual to form new teams, so it’s the perfect way to make new friends.

You don’t actually need to be athletic – you just need to walk, look around and have fun.


With one ticket you can enjoy the whole afternoon of fun, including activities, gifts and the chance to win great prizes.
Adults 50 RMB per person, including activites and free refreshments after the game
Children and local university students FREE for any child or young adult with a Chinese student card
Special consessions Look out for anounced discounts for dressing up or helping to promote our events

Challenge level


  • 36 - 45 challenging questions
  • 2 - 2.5 hours (120 - 150 minutes)
  • 9 hutongs or sites
  • one team member must be familiar with our events
  • winner recieves the Hutong Cup


  • A mix of easy and challenging questions
  • 2.5 to 3.5 hours to complete with ample time for breaks
  • Prizes are spread across different activities and skills
  • If you don't have a team, we will find you one to join
  • Recommended for beginners, families, couples


Our sponsors provide great prizes for high scores, fast times and ability in activities Restaurant and service prizes should be taken within one month after the event is held.. Book restaurants in advance or ring ahead to ensure your voucher will be accepted by junior waiting staff.

How does the game work?

Click into the game with your mobile phone. The map shows you sites and hutongs to visit. Your team must visiting the minimum number of hutongs, but you can improve your score by visiting more. You will be told which hutong races are easier, and which are more difficult, but more rewarding.

When your team arrives at a hutong or site, you start the race clock ticking. You should read at all the questions to your team, then walk down the hutong or into the site. Working together, you should answer all the questions correctly, looking at plagues, street art and anything interesting. Tick off the multiple-choice answers on your mobile phone, as you discover the answers, then a final click to get your race time.

You also need to complete activities with our on-site volunteers. Scores will be updated online during the game. When finished, all teams should return to the finish line. After all teams have returned, the winners will be anounced with medals and prizes awarded.

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Stay tuned for upcoming events!