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  不幸的是,活动从2020年起暂停  Unfortunately from 2020 further events are not planned


With its imperial history, Qing dynasty design, Ming intrigue, revolutionary attititude and command over the world's most populous and diverse nation, Beijing is the greatest city that has ever existed. If only there was a key to unlock all its secrets?

From 2014 to 2019 there were many quests called the Hutong Races and the Hidden City Game. It changed how we could discover this wondrous, enigmatic metropolis.

Exploring the capital of China was never more exciting. The Hutong Races took us to different neighbourhoods of the city, where history and culture is deeply inspiring. Accept the challenge and you will be given several hours to explore indepth the ancient streets to discover the secrets of temples, hutongs, mansions, alleys and communities. The more that was observed, uncovered and deciphered, the greater were the prizes and rewards, and indeed everyone was rewarded well.

Online Explorer Challenges 2019

The Hutong Race events have different themes and one will be perfect for tourists visiting the city. Explorer Challenges are available online for landmarks, temples and major attractions across Beijing. It is the best way to get the most fun and excitement out of your day. By accepting the challenge, you will be given a special historical briefing to understand the famous places in the capital. You'll then go in with questions and puzzles to prove your ability as an explorer. You'll gain an far better understanding of Chinese culture by making discoveries. If you do well, you'll be rewarded with special offers from our sponsors, offering some of the best food, drinks and entertainment in China.

Beijing Guidebook

We have one special challenge with our advertisement on page 9 of the Beijing Improbable Guidebook. You should all get a copy from any Foreign Language Bookshop in Beijing or The Bookworm.

The challenge is simple. There are seven questions, each one from a different part of Beijing's inner districts. More information and the answers are available here on this website. Answer the questions and any new visitor to Beijing can get a free ticket to the next Hutong Race Event.

Hidden City Game 2014 - 2017

We are proud of Beijing and the Hidden City Game was our first event designed to discover more of this astonishing city. During 2014 to 2017, thousands of people attended Hidden City Challenges grand events. Their adventuring and exploring ability could make their team the winners of the Explorer Hutong Cup or one of many other great Explorer prizes.

It was easy to have fun with this exploring race. Some teams were super competitive while others took a leisurely pace and focused on having fun in the hutongs. Explorers covered many hutongs, discovering their history and attempted many challenges. There were variable time limits, so people could explore more (3.5 hours), or attend for short time (2.5 hours).

During these years, so many people got out to discover new, mysterious parts of Beijing. Plus there was a range of activities that everyone was writing home about. Each event was very different from the last one.

The prizes were given to the teams who discovered more of the secrets of Beijing in the least time. They completed many activities, used clues in the street and historical sites to check-off answers, and reach the finish line.

People joined together with their friends to form teams, or made new teams and new friends during the game. We had a mix of international and local Beijing players. It was the best way to make new friends. Most importantly, everyone had fun and it evolved to become the premier exploration event in Beijing.

Hutong Races 2018-2019

There was a game event, where teams from across Beijing compete to win the Hutong Cup. These were China's most hardy expeditioners, with exceptional skills in perception, navigation and perseverance. Friends formed a team and joined in all the fun and activities. Hutong Races welcome for newcomers and even Beijingers who want to explore longer and further than they’ve ever done before There were prizes, freebies and rewards for at every levels of the game.

Explore online

From this website you can learn more about Hutong Races For vistors to Beijing, you'll want to know where you can start one of our Challenges. For our game participants, you can find out the rules, plan for future games and check out scores and results from past games. But don't stay glued to your computer. We need you out exploring. There is an amazing city out there, waiting to be discovered.

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