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  不幸的是,活动从2020年起暂停  Unfortunately from 2020 further events are not planned


Great photos from past games

Exploring the hutongs

Come join us next time!

We are proud to be Mexican!!!

Tea ceremony activity

Temple of Ancient Monarchs

How happy these two are!

Penghao Theatre: "We're Avengers!"

Tyler from Beijing Pub Crawl

We've found Arwen from Lord of the Rings!

We are ready for the challenge!

We just turned up and formed a handsome team!

French explorer duo!

Finish time from the time keeper

I got both the prize and the beauty!

Here are our grand prize winners!

We're a happy team!

Two friends

Where we can find it ?

This is our great job!

We are the champions

Here we go!


How excited we are!

This is the Hutong you need to see!!

What's the game?

I am scared

Let her go…

Is this right?

We won!!

Award ceremony


Look, this is my country

That is so funny!

Are you sure it is the right way to use it?

Chinese traditional folk activity-- Jianzi


Hurry! Hurry!

Laser alley

We are friends!

I'm kidding!


We are the champions!

Hand print.

Gang for Four

I love singing!

Traditional Chinese etiquette.

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